Log Lifters

Safety Release

Page Macrae Log Lifters and SR Lifters are built for operating in the most demanding conditions. Combining enhanced safety with rugged simplicity allows them to operate year after year with minimal maintenance. The Page Macrae Log Lifter is the first choice for port operators requiring a flexible low cost bulk log lifter to improve safety, productivity and handling efficiency.  

With over 15 years of use the Page Macrae Log Lifter design has proven itself to be an industry benchmark for simplicity, low cost use and high productivity rates. The Log Lifter is the first choice for stevedores loading bulk logs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and many are still operating lifters well into their second decade of life.  


 Impeccable Safety Record
 Extremely rugged construction
 Simple maintenance requirements
 Short operator training times
 High reliability
 15 years of industry use
 Low operating costs

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