Container Spreader

Diesel Hydraulic, Remote Controlled

Page Macrae Engineering's Diesel Hydraulic Container Spreader is a purpose built container lifter that automatically levels containers with uneven loads. The spreader forms the connection between a ships hook and the container.

It has been specifically designed to provide a safe and efficient way of loading and unloading shipping containers, eliminating the need for loading staff to be on top of containers to manually assist with aligning a simple lifting frame to the container.

Flippers are positioned on each corner of the spreader and are hydraulically operated by crane driver via remote control. The flippers guide the spreader to align with the four corners of the container. Twist locks then lock into place on the container’s corner castings. A signal is sent back to the crane driver indicating that the container is ready to be lifted.

As the spreader lifts the container it has the ability to align itself to level if the load inside the container is uneven.  This is done via an angle sensor fitted to the spreader.  If the load is not level, the sensor instructs the spreader to move the ships hook connection along the spreader until the load is even.  This can be achieved automatically or manually depending on the crane drivers preference.

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