Bulk Grabs

The demanding business of bulk cargo handling and discharge requires a grab to withstand extreme conditions and operate to the highest standards of reliability. Page Macrae Engineering has focused 50 years of engineering excellence on...See more >>

Dust Control Discharge Hoppers

Bulk cargo operators require equipment, solutions and expertise to help reduce dust emissions at discharge, whilst maintaining maximum unloading productivity. Page Macrae provides that technology and expertise. See more >>

Skate Table®

Page Macrae Engineering’s Skate Table® is a unique, innovative cargo handling system providing an ideal solution for improving productivity and reducing handling issues. See more >>

Container Spreader

Page Macrae Engineering's Diesel Hydraulic Container Spreader is a purpose built container lifter that automatically levels containers with uneven loads. The spreader forms the connection between a ships hook and the container. See more >>

Log Lifter - Safety Release

Page Macrae Log Lifters and SR Lifters are built for operating in the most demanding conditions. Combining enhanced safety with rugged simplicity allows them to operate year after year with minimal maintenance. See More >>